Special tour program for those not used to the winter sports and would just like to see and enjoy the snow, this is the right tour for you. Make memorable pictures for you and your friends or family members on the white dazzling snow. It would be one of a great experience during your stay. Optionally you can enjoy snow slide with your lovely kids, too.
When you arrive at the ski resort Korea for your Ski tour, you can see the mountains covered with white snow from the car window. Between the mountains you can see skiers going down the slopes as they move side to side in a zigzag movement but, when you look closer you can also see young skiers sliding between adults as they are sliding smoothly out from between them. As you are feeling nervous, anxiously you are about to learn something new right? But, you don’t have to feel nervous. At this ski resort, we have professional ski tour guides who are able to assist you in your needs.
Before you arrive to the Ski resort, for your necessary needs we stop by a ski shop first. We have about an hour before the resort opens up so you have enough time to prep yourself by stretching, using the restroom, and to put on your ski outfit. Are you not already excited to start your ski tour?
I’ll now explain some tips about the Ski gear and how to choose the proper wear. When many people are changing into the ski wear, many people wear the ski pants over their own pants but it would be wise to only wear the ski pants since there is a chance of falling down often and you would want to be able to move comfortably and safely in your wear. The purpose of this ski tour is to help you all to become familiar and accustomed to the proper ski posture. For this to be the case unfortunately you will have to fall often and bump into things. Many people try to wear many layers over their pants because of the cold weather but since the pants already has 2 layers it is already warm enough for you.
You would want to wear your ski outfit one size larger than your actual size so you would be able to move more comfortably. Also, those who want to have their pictures taken while skiing, we would recommend you to wear bright colored clothes. If you wear a dark outfit over the white snow it tends to make your face to look darker so, it would be best to wear fluorescent bright colors to allow you face to look brighter and to look more like a professional skier in your pictures.
The purpose of skiing is to enjoy yourself. As you enjoy yourself when you are shopping for a brand new outfit. If you done choosing your outfit and wearing it, why not help a friend out to wear an outfit that will match you in your pictures. Instead of this ski tour being just a place to learn how to ski, it can also be a place in helping you and your friend or family to become closer to you.
Once you are done choosing your ski tour outfit now it is time to choose the accessories to match what you are wearing. What you have to have when skiing for sure is your glove. If you have forgotten your gloves, do not worry about it. When you are partaking in our ski tour we will rent gloves for free. Once you follow your guide to choose your glove then you can choose goggles, helmet, and other items and other protective gears.
Especially we recommend for you to rent a helmet for the safety of the children while they are learning to ski and enjoying the slopes. Falling down on the snow doesn’t really hurt or won’t be too severely injured, but just in case we really recommend the rental of all the safety gears to be used for the children.
If you are done choosing all your skiwear, accessories, and gears then, let’s officially start the ski tour…. With the ski tour guide we will head toward the ski resort. The ski resort is only 7 minutes by vehicle from the ski shop. While you are walking don’t hesitate to take out your camera and take pictures with your family and friends.
Once you arrived at the ski resort, the next step is to rent your ski gear. After the measurements of each individual feet size are done then you would follow your ski tour guide to rent the gear. The gear is categorized into 3 sections. 1st is the ski plate, 2nd it is the boots and 3rd is the poles, it is used to help for balancing. It is not very easy to move around while carrying all 3 of this gear due to it being heavy. But you don’t need to concern about it with this tour as the ski slope is located very close from ski gear shop.

If it is your first time wearing the ski boots, it would be very uncomfortable. At that moment, what is funny is, once you are moving forward step by step you would feel like a robot as you are walking. The reason is because the boots are heavy and very tight on the feet. But once you come to the end of your ski tour, you will adjust to the boots as if you could fly in them.
The most important thing in ski tour is the safety of our customers. That is why we enforce a 10 minutes stretching time to be spent with your ski tour guide. So please follow the lead of your guide.
Now, we will go into the ski tour training.

In the basic ski lesson, you will learn
– How to take on / take off the boots with ski plate
– How to stand up and down on plates
– How to walk to the front/side/back
– How to fall down / stand up
– How to down the slope

It could be like a baby learning how to walk at the first time with inconvenience, you will find feeling like your ski gear is one part of your body at the end. You can spend your free time after basic lesson in this ski tour.