Plan a romantic getaway to Nami Island in Gapyeong !

A sweet escape from everyday hustle and bustle.
Gapyeong is located in the border of Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do Provinces.

As you drive along the quiet drive course bordering the Bukhangang River, it is easy to forget the stress of daily life.
The river sparkles and shines in the bright sunlight, and all your worries seem far away.
You will enjoy a special experience of the four seasons at the Nami Island.
In Spring, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful flowers and memories, and in Summer, people enjoy water sports.
In Fall, there are many people looking at the beautiful leaves of nature, and you will not forget the cold wind and snow in Winter.

Nami Island

                                                  Nami Island peeped out the Bukhan river after the building of the Cheong-pyeong Dam. It was named after General Nami from the Joseon Dynasty.                                                                                                        It is located in Chun-cheon city with a circumference of about six kilometers. Though small, it offers a zoo, botanical garden, and                                                                                                                               scenic sights that can be enjoyed by boat, bicycle, or electric car. Nami Island is the perfect backdrop for a budding romance.                                                                                                                                                                                  One of Korea’s biggest mega-hit dramas ‘Winter Sonata’ was shot there.                                                                                                                                                      ‘Winter Sonata’ fans from all over Asia stop by Nami Island to reminisce their favorite scenes. There are even international festivals held there annually.                                                          Let’s take a walk along the “Forest of Sweethearts”.
Junsang and Yoojin kissed for the first time in this forest.  There will be warm greetings form ostriches, rabbits, deers and other animals who live in the forest freely.

Restaurants (Lunch)
You can have it as your preference by your own expenses at the restaurants in Nami island.
(available Halal or vegetarian food)

Asian Family Restaurant Dongmun
Asian Family Restaurant Dongmun specializes in dining for couples and families.
Halal food is also available, fulfilling the needs of our Muslim visitors from around the globe.
For Muslims, there’s a halal certified restaurant in Nami Island

Nammun Korean Restaurant
Nammun is Nami Island’s premier Korean Restaurant.
With carefully selected, local ingredients, Nammun is proud to present the best of Korean cuisine.

Di Matteo Pizzeria
Traditional oven-baked Napoli-style pizzas highlight the menu at Di Matteo.
Enjoy this rare opportunity to taste the high quality cheeses and other ingredients that go into the making of Korea’s most authentic pizzas.

‘Winter Sonata’-Korean Drama
A lonely young man called Kang Joon Sang (Bae Yong Joon) and Jung Eugene (Choi Ji Woo) are classmates and they fall in love with each other. An unfortunate accident occurs, which ends their happiness. Ten years on a lot has changed and Jung Eugene meets a guy called Lee Min Hyung (Bae Yong Jun) who has come from America. Everything about Lee Min Hyung is the same as Kang Joon Sang ten years ago, but Lee Min Hyung does not recognize Jung Eugene. Jung Eugene gradually falls in love with

Lee Min Hyung, and she faces a lot of difficulties. The love triangle between Jung Eugene, her fiance Kim Sang Hyuk (Park Yong Ha) and Lee Min Hyung is very complicated. Finally, when Eugene and Lee Min Hyung get together, they discover the true facts that separated them.

Many people was addicted to Bae Yong Joon(actor). and  loved the soundtrack and the scenery as well. They hope to visit the place where Kang Joon Sang and Jung Eugene ride a bicycle on their first date with ranks of trees in the background. That scene was so romantic!

Do you want to get into the drama, Winter sonata?
We invite you to Nami Island, where the most romantic scenes of Winter Sonata was filmed.
In Nami Island, you can be Joonsang and Eugene, the main characters of Winter Sonata. Let’s follow the footmarks of them. So, shall we go?


Gangchon Elysian Ski Resort

Gangchon Elysian Ski Resort is a deluxe leisure facility that is easily accessible from Seoul. The ski resort has 6 lifts, snowboarding facilities, and 10 slopes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers.
Gangchon Ski Resort, with its multitude of ski slopes, is a great destination for skiers of all abilities. The resort is located within a beautiful valley, and skiers can enjoy a panoramic view of the natural scenery while gliding down the slopes. Whether you choose to go down the beginner, intermediate, or advanced slopes, everyone can enjoy a 1 km-long run. Intermediate and beginner skiers can reach the mountain peak rest area on the B lift. A separate beginner’s slope is also available to be used as a practice slope.
By skiing down the ridges, skiers are treated to a wide-open view of the beautiful scenery. The ski resort is typically open from December to early March of each year.

Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm, a 30,000㎡ flower garden, opens year-round for your enjoyment. The garden is the oldest among private Korean gardens. It is an artistic space with a beautiful balance between Korean concepts of natural curves and asymmetry, plants and other various materials.
It was the first to adopt the concept of a “garden” in Korea, and it is a special place that harmonizes classical grace and modern beauty. The Sukgeun Garden is shaped like the Korean Peninsula and is carpeted with so many kinds of beautiful flowers on both sides representing the desire for South and North Korea to be reunited. It is easily one of the most popular and meaningful attractions of the garden.
The Garden of Morning Calm hosts special festival in winter as Lighting Festival features three million lights decorating the winter garden.


– Lighting Festival  (2018.12.08~2019. Beg. of Mar.)

Held at the Garden of Morning Calm, the Lighting Festival is the biggest festival of lights in Korea, covering 100 thousand pyeong illuminated by 30,000 lights. The gleaming lights add a festive glow to the garden during the winter season. The main gardens are Hakyung Garden, Hometown House Garden, Bonsai Garden, Moonlight Garden, Sky Path and Garden of Eden, with colorful lights adorning the trees. In the event of inclement weather, lights may be turned off for safety.


Petite France

After travelling 10 km along the lakeside road from Cheongpyeong Dam, in the direction of Namiseom Island, you will come across a cluster of white, exotic buildings on the left-hand hillside. From its outward appearance, it would appear to be a village that belongs on the Mediterranean coast or in a pastoral area of the Piedmont Alps.
This is Petite France, a French cultural village set in the Korean countryside! Petite France serves as both a French cultural village and a youth training facility (Goseong Youth Training Center), and consists of 16 French style buildings where visitors can lodge and experience French food, clothing, and household culture.
The concept of Petite France encapsulates ‘flowers, stars, and the Little Prince.’ The village contains a memorial hall dedicated to Saint-Exupery, the author of the celebrated French novel, Le Petit Prince (1943) and as such it is called the Little Prince theme park. It also has a gallery displaying sculptures and paintings of le coq gaulois (the Gallic rooster), the national symbol of France; Orgel House where a 200-year-old music box plays a sweet melody; a shop that sells herbal and aromatic products; a souvenir shop; and many other locales where you can experience French culture. * Famous drama filmed location with “My Love from the Star”, “Beethoven Virus” etc.


Gapyeong Sledding Hills

Gapyeong Sledding Hills are open throughout the winter. It normally operates from the beginning of December to early March. Unlike other sledding Hills using artificial snow, Gapyeong has artificial grass under its snow as well as the characteristic of having the sun behind the hill so that the snow does not melt. Thus, operating hours are prolonged by 1 month until the end of winter on natural snow.
Gapyeong Sledding Hills features two slopes for adults and two for children. With the set up of the ‘horizontal baby-walker (moving walker)’, going up the hill is easy just by standing on the sled. Next to the children’s slope, there is a separate snow house and a place for snowball fights.



Total distance : Gyeonggang Station ~ Gapyeong Bridge 7.2 Km (return) (Duration – 1 hour)
*Information of Operation
Winter Season (1ST Nov. ~ 29TH Feb.) : 10:00 ~ 16:00 – 8 times (operating every hour)
Spring ~ Fall ( 1ST Mar. ~ 31ST Oct.) : 09:00~18:00 – 10 times (operating every hour)
Depart from the Gyeonggang Station to the Gapyeong Bridge then back to the Gyeonggang Station.
Keep the romantic memories in your mind with excited railbike.
Gyeonggang Station, the home of memories in films and soap operas
Romantic course by excited running railbike for couples with 2 seats bike and for family with 4 seats bike which is distance of 7.2 Km returns at the 30 m height of Gapyeong Bridge, experience the beautiful scenery along with Road No. 46 from Seoul through Cheongpyeong as Bukhangang River.
Experience happy memories that will be lasted long time remembers.


Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival  (Beg. of Jan. ~ End of Jan.)

The largest winter festival in metropolitan area, the Jaraseom Singsing Winter Festival will be held from January 4 through 27, 2013. Ice fishing for trout, snow sledding, and a 50-people sledge ride on ice will be fun for the whole family.
Snow sculptures, ice trees with ice flowers, icicle fall, and igloo café will be installed around the ice square. Other activities include ice sledding, ice skating, and riding bumper cars on snow.
A radio studio will play music and read stories from visitors. Shows and parades by ice fairies will take place, raising the festival atmosphere. A food corner at the festival venue will provide visitors with a good shelter to warm up.

* Admission/Participation Fees – General Fishing Site (매년 현지사정에따라 가격은 달라질 수 있습니다.)
– Onsite ticket purchase: 13,000 won (for Friday-Sunday & Holidays)
– Online ticket reservation: 12,000 won (available only for Monday-Thursday)
– Fishing site for families Onsite ticekt purchase: Not available / Online ticket reservation: 45,000 won
– Fishing site for couples  Onsite ticket purchase: Not available / Online ticket reservation: 28,000 won

* Snow Fantasia / Winter Game Experience
– Snow Bumper Car: 8,000 won for 10min
– Ice Sledding: 8,000 won for 1 hour
– Snow Sledding: 8,000 won for a day
– Bike Sledding: 7,000 won for 30min
– ATV (for 2 persons): 10,000 won per 20min